Trevor at eight months !

Trevor at eight months !

Monday, December 6, 2010

You were created to be his helpmeet....

Thinking of those who are married, or who are going to be, or wanting to be someday - This is for you ! I was reading my book called " The Excellent Wife " and, in there I was reminded that I was created for James. What does that mean ? Back in the beginning, God took a rib from Adam to make Eve. She was made from the man ! And because of their sin, one of the things a husband and wife will always struggle with is being the head over the other. Now, we know clearly from the Bible that the husband is head over the wife. But, we will still try to take the reigns from our husbands. It may be because we are fearful, that he will make a bad choice, or that he really does not know what he is doing. But, we are reminded through God's word that our husbands are accountable to Him for ALL the choice's they make in this life. How big of a relief that is to me ! I am so thankful to be lead by James !

Just a thought for today :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

So thankful for my life !

I was musing yesterday about the salvation God gave me, my wonderful husband and my very sweet son : ) Yesterday was kinda a hard day for me, something happened on Friday morning that made me want to cry but I just stuffed it down. Then, on Saturday, something else happened that, someone had said that they knew more about being a mother { This person is not married or have any kids } and that I was basically not a very good mother. Well, I finally lost it and everything came out from the day before as well and I cried on my husband.

Oh, where would I be without James ? I tend to always wear my emotions on my sleeve and I decided to deactivate my fb account for a while. I need to try to be more careful about what I put on fb from now on, and having a break will make me focus more on my relationship with Christ, James and Trevor. I am glad I'm taking a break : ) Feels so much more freeing to not have to go and check fb !!

What are your plans for December ? James and I love entertaining so we are having three families over for dinner this week { All on different nights ! } and going over to some friends.

You know, having people over for dinner is such a lost art.... Why not have some people over for dinner this month ?

God bless and have a great week !

Sunday, November 21, 2010

What a day, yesterday !

So, yesterday is my family's annual going over to Yakima to set up my dad's hunting camp day and I missed last year and was really excited to go this year :D James and I got up @ 4am, got dressed, made our lunch and headed to my parents. We arrived and my dad said my mom would not be going because she had a cold : ( She was really diasppointed and I so wanted to stay and help make her feel better. Anyway, we all got loaded up in my parents suburban and headed on our way ! We got to Duvall and stopped. My dad said we had to turn around because the car was missing and that only the guys could go { Which meant my dad, James, Aaron, and a friend of his } my sisters and I were really sad and so, when we drove all the way back to the house { Which was in Arlington } I took them out to breakfast after the guys had left and we went to the library, got mom some stuff @ the store and so Trevor and I spent the day at my parents house until they came home at 9:00. Whew ! What a day !

On Friday, I went to my old workplace and got some fruits and veggies, and went to Haggens and got some food, and then to the library for some movies, and then to Dairy Queen for lunch and then came home to put dinner in the crockpot for some friends that were coming for dinner, made an apple pie : ) And then I put together some yams for my church's annual Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon ! Our friends cmae over about 7 and left at 10. What a day, again !

Monday, November 15, 2010

Life never goes as we plan, does it ?

You know, I am so thankful God is in control and that He knows what we need when we need it ! My husband got laid off two weeks ago, and we applied for two jobs. One of them we really wanted, and we waited for the phone call and we did not get it : ( Still waiting on the other one though and we are praying that one will go through.

Today, James went to work for a little bit,and then went to the chiopractor . And so about 9:30, I got up and gave Trevor his second feeding and while I was doing that, I heard the doorknob turn and someone put the key in and.... My heart started pumping and I got up really quick and locked our bedroom door. I waited and tried to call James but, there was no answer ! Then, I heard the footsteps come to our door, they turned it and waited for a long 5 seconds...... Finally, I hear James' voice asking " What's wrong " ? WHEW ! I opened the door and he held me while I explained it all to him. I guess coming home early was his plan all along : ) I just didn't know about it. And then, James has had this cough for a couple of weeks and we decided to take him to the clinic and we found out he has triceitus. Whatever that is ! We got the medecations and he is on the mend : ) All that to say, we were like " How are we going to pay for this, when we have bills up to our ears, bla bla bla. " But, we know God is sovereign and He is going to provide all we need for the moment !

James is such a hard worker and I am so thankful he has side work to keep us going :D

Well, we are know on our way to his folks for dinner, have a great evening !

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My computer is so silly somtimes !

I have tried to post something a few days ago but, my computer would not let me : ( So, here I am this afternoon !

We just got back from some dear friends of ours for breakfast. We had such a nice time with them and, I was talking with my friend and shared with her, what I struggle with. I am really ashamed of it, so, I never share with hardly anyone. And guess what, she struggles with the exact same thing ! The Lord is so good, giving me someone that knows EXACTLY what I'm going through ! It was very helpful to get her insight and what she does to help her through it :D Thank you Jesus, for friends !

Trevor seems to be doing much, much better on the bottle. I'm kinda pumping somewhat and giving him formula. My sister in law mentioned that I could do goats milk but, that is so expensive ! It is $3.85 at Wal Mart for only a quart ! So, we price shopped for formula and found that Costco has pretty good stuff for a 36oz can it is $16.50. It will definatly be more expensive than just nursing but, well worth it if Trevor gets fuller :D

So, my best girlfriend is doing massage school and came over yesterday to practice on me : ) It was one of the best massages I've ever gotten ! And Trevor cried the entire time : ( Now, I think his problem is teething..... Oh joy ; ) I love him so much though ! He is my snuggle buddy :D

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

God did it through me !!!!

I faced the fear today :D Jesus was so faithful and I am glad my husband pushed me :D

The Lord is teaching me so much !

I just had to share with y'all, what God has been teaching me :D

So two posts ago, I shared that I struggle a lot with this " Thorn in the flesh".As Paul would say :). And today, I have to face that fear. I tried everything I could to get out of facing it. But, my gentle and loving husband told me I had to. I am so thankful for him :) Even when I don't want to do something, he is always right beside, encouraging me to keep fighting the good fight of faith ! Where would be without Jesus ??? Sometimes I think of where I would be without Him to guide, love, encourage me every step of my walk with Christ !! So, in my daily reading today, I found myself in Psalms 34, and a verse jumped outta the page it seemed ! It is v.4 - " I sought the Lord, and He heard me; and delivered me from all my fears." What a comfort to know that Jesus hears us ALL the time !!!! So, I know I can conquer through Him that loves me !!

Have a great day :D

Monday, November 8, 2010

So, it wasn't the easiest decision to make but...

I decided to give up on nursing. Trevor wasn't getting enough and he was fussy every time he was all done: ( I went to an organic formula yesterday and he seems to be fuller after he eats.

James is still quite sick with a cold so, he's been in bed all the time, eating jello, crackers, chicken noodle soup and watching movies. I know, so rough huh ?! But, I'd rather be well and not eat all that stuff !

On Saturday, I made some homemade chicken noodle soup and was quite good ! I had the chicken in the crock pot all day on Friday, and put different seasonings in there and some water too. Then, on Saturday afternoon, I pulled all the chicken off of the bones and but it into a pot along with the water from the crock pot, boullion cubes and more water, spagetti noodles and frozen broccoli. It was soooo yummy ! I love cooking :D

So, I don'd know what I'm going to do today.... Tonight we're going to James' parents for dinner : ) Which means I get to have tonight off ! I do have to make dessert though. I was thinking of making pumpkin squares : ) A very fallish sort of dessert !

Saturday, November 6, 2010

In my kitchen today...

I feel a bit like Julie, on Julie and Julia : )

Well, Trevor cried at 3:30 this morning, which is quite unusual since he has slept through the night for a couple of weeks now and James woke me up { I was sleeping quite hard ! } and I went in and got him and found out the heater was off in his bedroom and his hands were freezing ! So I fed him and out him back to bed.

I woke up at 8:30 this morning and fed him again, put him on his tummy which he really hates ! And I went and got some frozen waffles { Which you can get @ Costco for $6.99 and you get 60 of them. Trevor cried the entire time I was eating breakfast ! But this time, no picking him up until he stops crying ! It takes a lot of discipline for yourself too, when you train your kid :D

Today, I plan on cleaning my kitchen, making homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch for my sick husband :( And who knows what to do for dinner ? I was thinking of what my mom used to make, when I was at home to go with dinner.... Do you ever want to make some bread for dinner, and don't have the time for it to rise and, make time for good ole fashioned bread Grandma used to make ? Well, my favorite recipe of my moms is her yogurt muffins ! All you put together is -

2 cups of flour
1 tea of baking soda
1 tea of salt

Mix that all together and add -
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 tea vanilla
One yogurt { 8 oz and any kind of yogurt }

Mix all of that together and bake @ 350 for about 20-30 minutes. Yummy !

Thursday, November 4, 2010

So, here is my first post !

I struggle with something called worry.... Ah, it overcame this morning and I could just feel my flesh going " Yes ! We won ! I have it happen so often and I am ashamed of myself. I cry out to God saying " Why do you allow me to struggle with this so much ? " Why can I not overcome it, and where are you when I need you the most ? " And God replies, " I am here, you are just not allowing me to help you. Quit trying to do it on your own ". And it's true. God IS here every time it comes and will provide a way of escape. Only if you ALLOW Him to do it ! Too often, I think we are thinking we are allowing Jesus to help us but, we know the true test comes when we fail every time. How we need Him !!! I look forward to the day when I am PERFECT, with no sin to trap me every time !