Trevor at eight months !

Trevor at eight months !

Monday, December 6, 2010

You were created to be his helpmeet....

Thinking of those who are married, or who are going to be, or wanting to be someday - This is for you ! I was reading my book called " The Excellent Wife " and, in there I was reminded that I was created for James. What does that mean ? Back in the beginning, God took a rib from Adam to make Eve. She was made from the man ! And because of their sin, one of the things a husband and wife will always struggle with is being the head over the other. Now, we know clearly from the Bible that the husband is head over the wife. But, we will still try to take the reigns from our husbands. It may be because we are fearful, that he will make a bad choice, or that he really does not know what he is doing. But, we are reminded through God's word that our husbands are accountable to Him for ALL the choice's they make in this life. How big of a relief that is to me ! I am so thankful to be lead by James !

Just a thought for today :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

So thankful for my life !

I was musing yesterday about the salvation God gave me, my wonderful husband and my very sweet son : ) Yesterday was kinda a hard day for me, something happened on Friday morning that made me want to cry but I just stuffed it down. Then, on Saturday, something else happened that, someone had said that they knew more about being a mother { This person is not married or have any kids } and that I was basically not a very good mother. Well, I finally lost it and everything came out from the day before as well and I cried on my husband.

Oh, where would I be without James ? I tend to always wear my emotions on my sleeve and I decided to deactivate my fb account for a while. I need to try to be more careful about what I put on fb from now on, and having a break will make me focus more on my relationship with Christ, James and Trevor. I am glad I'm taking a break : ) Feels so much more freeing to not have to go and check fb !!

What are your plans for December ? James and I love entertaining so we are having three families over for dinner this week { All on different nights ! } and going over to some friends.

You know, having people over for dinner is such a lost art.... Why not have some people over for dinner this month ?

God bless and have a great week !