Trevor at eight months !

Trevor at eight months !

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I never seem to have time to blog.....

Good morning ! I hope y'all enjoy the picture of Trevor taken a couple of months ago : ) Isn't he a cutie ? I know, I'm a little prejudiced :D

James and I found out a couple of months ago that Trevor will be a big brother ! January 9th is when the little one is supposed to come !

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Finally able to post once again !

I have been having trouble posting for a few months now and that is why you have not been able to see any updates !

We moved from our house in Stanwood back to Marysville : ) We are LOVING our new home and it is an 80% increase of what we were living in : ) PTL !

I now know why God had us live where He did.... { In my view, anyway ! } It was to work contentment in my life. I was not content where we were living, and made a point every month, telling my husband how much I hated living there ! How terrible was that ?! And so, in December, I came to the point of, this is where the Lord has us and I'd better just keep my big mouth shut and not say anything more ! Plus, I asked God to not change James' mind about living there, and want to move but, rather change me. And that's exactly what happened.

Then, in January, James comes to me and tells that it is time to move somewhere else !!!! Wow ! I never expected God to do that ! Thank you, Jesus ! So, on Valentines day, we moved back to Marysville. That night, after we were all moved in, We went to bed and I found a box of chocolates and a sweet note from my dear husband ! We also have wonderful landlords and live by a trail IO can walk on : )

Trevor is growing so big now !!! He started crawling last month and is now eating more solids. He continues to be such a blessing and joy to have around here ! I definatly would love an abundance of kids !! I'm so glad to have a husband who is allowing God to lead us in that area : )

Well, I hope that updates you for now, I hope to blog more often if I can !

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mmm.... It's a hot cocoa kind of day !

Yummy ! I've got my cup of hot cocoa as I sit here and type.

Our laptop acts weird sometimes, it won't let me go into blogspot and that's why I've not written since December. It's actually my husbands laptop, I just like to claim it's " Ours " :) I sold my car { The only " expensive thing I owned ! } because James had two cars thus the reason to sell mine !

So I came into the marriage with his laptop, his house, his car, etc etc, etc :D He is very sweet to remind me all the time when I ask to use like his i touch " You don't need to ask me, it's OURS " !!!! I like the feeling of sharing everything : )

So, you ask me, what have I learned the past month ? Well, I'm still learning how to be a mama, Trevor has been such a joy in our life it's hard to believe he will be five months on the 26th.

This Friday, we're going down to James' grandparents with his dad and sister where we will spend the night and get up the next morning for California ! It will be the second time in my life of going :D James' dad's family lives down there and they have yet to see Trevor so, thus the reason to go down ! And visit too, of course !

One of my New Years resolutions was to finish everything I start { Part of it is for me, and the other for my handsome husband ! }

So, I guess that's enough updating for now, I hope you all are having a great new year !